David G. Rogers

Licensed New York State Property & Casualty Insurance Broker

With more than three decades of Risk Management experience with
Fortune 500 companies, David G. Rogers, President, RITE Group, LLC
has managed risks and business continuity for manufacturing
conglomerates, financial services and entertainment companies. During
his career, he has developed a keen eye for identifying the many ways
that companies expose themselves to potentially catastrophic loss
(financial and physical) and liabilities through inadequate project controls,
inefficiencies, and miscommunication.

Mr. Rogers champions teamwork, innovation and technology. He has
worked diligently to protect the assets of organizations while reducing their
potential exposures to catastrophic loss. An integral leader and member of
Enterprise Risk Management, Operational Risk Management, acquisition
and divestiture teams and new business development projects. Mr.
Rogers is also a specialist in historic insurance reconstruction, also known
as insurance archaeology. His research has contributed to his employers
and clients discovering previously unknown prepaid insurance assets and
exculpatory evidence used in litigation. Examples of Mr. Rogers’ insurance
archeology research include an in-depth contractual analysis of
landscaping vs. standing timber in property claims disputes and the design
and use of “ghost” insurance policies as collateral in self-insured workers’
compensation programs.

A graduate of Howard University, Mr. Rogers holds a Bachelor of
Business Administration in Insurance, an Associate in Risk Management
(ARM) and Associate in Insurance Services (AIS) designations from the
Insurance Institute of America, an Associate Business Continuity
Professional (ABCP) designation from the Disaster Recovery Institute and
is a New York State Licensed Property and Casualty Insurance Broker
and Insurance Consultant.